Social Etiquette

Achieve elegance in your character and dressing, grace in your movement and walk, and politeness in your manners. Experience a unique voyage of refinement. Our modules include Social Etiquette, Table Manners and Settings, Art of Conversation, Art of Writing, Body Language, Elocution, Floral Arrangements and many more.


The art of being graceful in your movement is a dexterity that can be studied and refined.. At Institute of Modern Etiquette we focus on how to glide gracefully and elegantly with confidence. Our weekly classes will help to develop poise and decorum with the careful instilling of good habits. We are renowned for actively breaking bad habits.

In the art of graceful deportment, we learn the essentials, including breathing correctly, which many of us forget and underestimate the importance of, walking, sitting, posture control and management, entering and exiting a car, making an entrance, and laying down just to name a few."

Total Personal Transformation

It doesn't matter how your past was, if you are dedicated to revolutionize your present and future. We at Institute of Modern Etiquette, provides bespoke customized transformation programs as per the exact requirement of our clients. May it be western or eastern, our proficient etiquette consultants have the experience and dexterity required to provide you the supreme transformation as per your tailored needs. Contact us to know more.

Children's & School Etiquette

We at Institute of Modern Etiquette, holds the strong belief that our children are our future, our roots, our eyes and voice. Therefore, we need to ensure that our children get the best knowledge and experiences to hold up high socially acceptable behavior. With the world now being a global village, children are exposed to many cultures and customs that's why we offer table manners, with a bespoke step to step guide for children on social etiquette.

Business Etiquette

We at Institute of Modern Etiquette aspire to create women leaders, in all field and industries. We have senior directors and C- suite strategists and consultants that can teach boardroom etiquette, business do's and don'ts for many business international cultures.

Home Management & Event Hosting

We understand the home is where the heart is, therefore, a well managed home is a happy home. A stress-free home is essential for a de-cluttering of the mind and to help lead a beautiful life. At the Institute of Modern Etiquette, we teach from the basics of home cleaning and maintenance be it ironing, cleaning, packing, sewing, washing, managing staff etc. We have also listened to our clients carefully and now incorporated a component of accounting and budgeting for home income and expenses.

We understand the importance for an elegant woman to host dinners, cocktail parties, and birthday events, thus we have developed a series of modules to teach, the do's and don'ts of hosting a party and assist with event management for any occasion. We have relationships with the best service providers to ensure that your event goes smoothly and successfully, to have the best party in town.

Bridal and Groom Etiquette

The most special and biggest day of any girls life is her wedding day. This is why, we at the Institute of Modern Etiquette feel every emotion brides to be are going through. Brides have million and one things to take care of on their big day, multi-tasking to ensure the days goes smoothly. We take care of the self development, how to walk gracefully down the aisle and on stage, the manners when talking to your guests, the table setting and décor to ensure the highest quality control is adhered too, your decorum on the big day, the do’s and don’t as a beautiful bride transforming into a sophisticated elegant lady, with all attention on her. The bridal package is one to one for the personal touch of etiquette, elegance and polish teaching. Bad habits are identified and new graceful habits are introduced. We also provide special etiquette packages for the groom and for the families as well.

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