Bride & Family Weight / Fitness Program

Are you ready for the biggest day of your life? At Institute of Modern Etiquette your big day is our big day as well, thus we are offering specialize professional services for getting you into right shape and posture, losing your weight and upholding stamina at utmost level. Not only this, at Institute of Modern Etiquette taken all important members very seriously, thus offering uniquely devised plans for the bride's family members including moms, sisters, cousins and dear aunties who also wish to spark in their magical way on your best day. Our package will ship shape the entire family to look amazing. Contact us to know more.

Business Precedence & International Protocol

The supremacy of Soft Skills of business has always been one of the premium milestones of success. It not only assist in nourishing trust and reliability among colleagues, but also facilitate in detach the successful business executives from the crowd. We at Institute of Modern Etiquette provide absolute business precedence & International protocol to help people getting the right finishing touch to carry their personal and professional life with unique calm and brilliance.

Customer Service Training - Retail & FMCG

Customer has always been considered the ki ng of the market, as they hold the ultimate power to create or cease any business. We at Institute of Modern Etiquette, give utter emphasis on customer management and handling with calm, devotion and utmost sincerity. We have systematic modules developed by experienced professionals to facilitate you in developing and learning the unending fundamentals of good customer service, that is aligned to your business objectives. We reform the element of character with the unique blend of candidness and etiquette to make you the star of your world of professionalism.

Additional Modules

We at Institute of Modern Etiquette have carefully created modules for Gentlemen; the skills and lifestyles conditions gentlemen should adapt and polish. A life lived without etiquette is a life-half lived, and it's an integral part of a man's life to know how he should react in front of opposite gender, office colleagues, or even bosses. Institute of Modern Etiquette represents several professional etiquette programs for the overall enhancement and development of men etiquette, mindset, attitude and lifestyle.

Groom & Style

The best thing which defines the character of men is not only lies in what he does, but how well he does it. We at Institute of Modern Etiquette feel pleased on providing exceptional services, which make men the gentleman. Whether it's about overall grooming, enhancing hygiene and cleanliness, or developing the whole charm, we do things with utmost sincerity and priority. The professional etiquette consultants of Institute of modern etiquette ideally comprehend what it takes to prepare men with right sophistication and style with the magnificent demeanor essentially required for becoming a gentleman, thus feels proud to proffer that at best prices. Drop us a mail to inquire more.

Social Etiquette

Unearth the nuances British and European social etiquette along with global social etiquette across the world. We at Institute of Modern Etiquette provide the exclusive art of mastering all forms of formal and informal etiquette along with the practical exposure of elegant, sophisticated social skills of meeting, greeting and forming rapport with exclusive cultural understanding. Uncover the elite differences and be premium in your sphere. Contact us to know more specific details.

Interview Preparation Program

Getting into the right job in the right time could be a thorny process, but not impossible. With the unique expertise and professional experience of human resources, our experts know each and every little prospect for getting the job into your favor. From dress codes for the interview, learning how maintain poise and calm for any kind of situation and to forming your resume in a perfect acceptable welcoming way, we provide complete Interview Preparation Program for all groups. Drop us a mail to know specific details about that.

Banquet & Hospitality Etiquette

Banquet events can become very messy, disorganised and haphazard, at the Institute of Modern Etiquette, we have mastered the art of elegant serving, offering, and hosting of our guests. First class hospitality inspection with Matireā€™d hotel quality being offered. We are offering tailor made packages and training courses for individuals and group sessions. Contact us for further details.

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