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Dubai, UAE
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Group Sessions

Group workshops, corporate seminars, and in house lifestyle training with live demonstrations to fully engage you in the atmosphere of etiquette.

One to One Discussion

Our commitment to quality and services ensures our clients are happy. With years of experience and continuing education, our dedicated etiquette consultants are ready to serve your lifestyle needs. We will teach and train the best refined etiquette way.

About Us

The Institute of Modern Etiquette is the premier lifestyle training Institute for developing and enhancing oneself. It's an individual journey, a voyage of excitement, refinement, challenges and beauty.

What They Say

  • The deportment course was truly worthwhile. I now know how to walk with grace and confidence. The training on the grand staircase gave me the feeling of beauty and self assurance, the feeling of beauty, luxury and to trust my presence with great poise. Sarah
  • I now know how to enter and glide out of my car seat elegantly. Kareena
  • I love the new me – confident in my poise and wellbeing. Lubna

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